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Why Buy Aspen

Compelling Reasons for Buying an Aspen Trailer
Heavy haul trailers represent a sizeable investment, so choosing the right manufacturer is key. At Aspen, we find a growing number of people choose us because of the extra value Aspen’s customers receive for their money. Read on and see for yourself the list of benefits that come with owning a quality built, custom designed genuine Aspen trailer. No other brand inspires the confidence that Aspen does, nor gives you the comparable value.

Financial Strength
Aspen is committed to the heavy haul transportation industry. For 25 years and more than 7,000 trailers, this commitment has resulted in the financial strength of our Company, allowing us to continue to meet the needs of our customers today and in the future.

Aspen has earned a reputation for manufacturing highly innovative and quality built heavy haul trailers. Your new trailer is very important to us because your satisfaction, and our hard earned reputation is at stake with every new trailer we build. So we work hard to preserve our reputation and keep each customer satisfied.

Aspen's engineering team is one of the most experienced and well-rounded in our industry. With the addition of our new Finite Element Analysis capability, Aspen continues to be a design leader in the heavy haul trailer industry.

By creating a “Quality Comes First” culture across all departments at Aspen, our customers benefit at delivery by knowing their trailer has gone through an intensive 650 item quality checklist.

Road Test
Every Aspen trailer is taken on the road with our Kenworth T-800 tractor before it is delivered. This means your trailer will be ready and reporting for duty when you take delivery.

Resale Value
Ritchie Bros. Auction results prove that across North America Aspen trailers enjoy one of the highest resale values in the industry.

Many Aspen trailer designs are modular allowing different components to be added. This type of design allows our Customers to change the trailer's configuration to suit specific projects or changes in regulations at a cost far less than purchasing a new trailer.

Aspen is proud to say that many of the heavy haul and rental fleets in North America are comprised of our trailers, allowing our customers the flexibility to work with the heavy haul fleets, to rent components or potentially sell their trailers to these fleets at a premium price.

Only the finest, most durable materials go into an Aspen trailer. That’s why when it comes to selecting manufactured parts only the most respected brands are chosen. Only components that have been proven to work in severe operating conditions and that are available throughout North America for easy replacement are utilized.

We recognize that the purchase of a heavy haul trailer is a long term investment, and Aspen provides a product support system that includes parts, service, and sales support for the life of your Aspen Trailer.

Aspen's long term membership in the Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association allows us to network with heavy haul fleets and government agencies throughout North America, benefiting our customers that are involved in long distance heavy hauling.

The Aspen Look
Aspen products have a look and style that is all their own. Part of that look comes from the distinctly shaped “Aspen Lightening Holes” that appear in the rail of our trailers to lighten trailer tare weight. Given our great pride in Aspen's distinctive appearance, we have trademarked and patented the shape of the Aspen lightening holes in North America. The “Aspen Look” provides authenticity and ensures there is no erosion of your trailer's resale value due to “copy-cat” products.

Aspen employees appreciate the confidentiality of the information our customers share with us and this environment of mutual trust and open communication is essential when trying to determine the best solution to a transportation problem.