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Our Trailers

Across 6 market segments and 27 product lines, Aspen’s product portfolio ranges from 25 ton tandem trailers to 300 ton multi axle transporters.

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Custom Build

All Aspen trailers are offered with custom options. Some loads are so unique, only a custom built trailer can do the job.

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Aspen’s SD-Series (Super Haul Series) steerable dual lane trunnion suspension transporters are designed for crane-loaded payloads. These primarily serve the super haul industry and are for on road applications. Configurations vary from payloads of 125 tons through 225-ton capacities, with axle configurations ranging from 10 through 24 axles (including truck axles) unless the transporters are in a wagon configuration. Aspen SD-Series trailers feature double drop and high frame, wagon style (tractors push/pull via drawbar) decks and non-wagon double drop and high frame (tractor supports payload via jeep or spreader frame) configurations. The SD-Series trailers have dual lane, walking beam 8 wheels across per line “trunnion” suspensions with transporter equalization achieved by mechanical equalizing steerable dolly/dollies. Aspen’s SD-Series of trailers are available in specific regional interstate configurations (US and Canada) to maximize trailer configurations for specific regional regulations.

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SD Series


TARE WEIGHT (LB) 224500 GVW (LB) 480000
TARE WEIGHT (LB) 329000 GVW (LB) 640000

Aspen Core Features

  • Experienced Design … All of our products are meticulously designed by Aspen engineers with over 240 years of combined trailer engineering knowledge. Our product line is driven by advanced technologies, strategic vision, and the diverse transportation challenges our customers face.
  • “Flex Frame” Design … All of Aspen’s trailer frames are designed with flexing in mind which allows the frame to flex in all of the right places to allow frame deflection without breaking in key areas of the trailer. The flexing is made possible by industry driven, intelligent design and the use of high grade steel (100,000 KSI – 130,000 KSI) to ensure many years of low maintenance trailer use.
  • A Culture of Quality … Quality is the cornerstone of all we build. It’s present through every phase, from customer consultation and detailed trailer design to premium brand name material selection and manufacturing.
  • Return on Investment (ROI) … Aspen trailers are known to attract better resale values in countless auction sales around North America because the market recognizes that our trailers continue to do the job and offer the best value for years and years of service.

Series Features and Benefits

  • Aspen’s full range of super haul products allows you to pick the right equipment for the opportunities that make sense for your operation and abilities. No matter what the hauling challenge you can be assured that Aspen has the right design for your specific needs.
  • Aspen’s designs allow you to easily adjust the hauling equipment to suit the full range of specialized loads that you encounter in the market today. This means you’ll always have the right equipment to get the job done with no missed loads.
  • Aspen’s super haul products have easy to understand and operate controls and are operable from the ground for safe, effective operation of the units. This makes for safer and more efficient operators which gets you unloaded and back on the haul sooner and safer than the competition. Larger units have the option of steersman stands that are designed for optimal vision and steering of the unit.
  • Aspen’s super haul products can be customized to meet your exacting requirements with customization of those critical issues that need that personal touch or customization.