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Our Trailers

Across 6 market segments and 27 product lines, Aspen’s product portfolio ranges from 25 ton tandem trailers to 300 ton multi axle transporters.

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Custom Build

All Aspen trailers are offered with custom options. Some loads are so unique, only a custom built trailer can do the job.

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Superior Quality & Durability. #HaulMore in California.

Some loads are so unique, only a custom-built trailer will do the job. 

Since 1979, the Aspen name has stood for superior design, quality and durability. With customers across heavy haul, oil and gas and mining industries, Aspen supplies customers who value innovative, high-quality trailers with low tare weight and high payload. 

Aspen understands that hauling is more than just a job; it’s a way of life.

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Low Maintenance, Long Life

Quality is paramount to Aspen Trailers. We use premium quality, brand name components and benefit from a growing network of regionally focused, highly trained and equipped dealers — making it easy and convenient to access replacement parts and services.

Our trailers are known to attract high resale value in auction sales because the market recognizes that they do the job right year after year.

Innovative Design and Materials

The Aspen product line is driven by advanced technologies, strategic vision and the drive to find solutions to the diverse transportation challenges our customers face. All of Aspen’s trailer frames are designed with flexing in mind, made possible by intelligent design and the use of high-grade steel.

Industry Experts

All our products are meticulously designed by Aspen engineers with over 240 years of combined engineering knowledge. Aspen has been designing and building trailers since 1979 and, with more than 11,000 custom trailers to our credit, Aspen has the experience and proven ability to get your job done.

Customer Satisfaction

With a history of designing trailers for custom applications, we pride ourselves on being able to understand the specific transportation challenges of each customer. The future of Aspen relies on customer satisfaction, so we strive to earn it in everything we do.

Our Trailer Types

Heavy Haul

Aspen’s Heavy Haul Trailers are equipment hauling trailer designed for the construction industry:

  • 5 to 85-ton capacities
  • 6-13 Axles (including truck axles)
  • Primarily hydraulically removable goosenecks 

Our Heavy Haul trailers include E-Series Transporters and Wind Tower Schnabel Transporters.

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Super Haul

Aspen’s Super Haul Trailers are designed for crane loaded equipment:

  • 40 to 225 ton capacities 
  • 7-24 Axle configurations (including truck axles) 
  • Transporter configurations range from double drop hammock and high frame configurations 

Our Super Haul trailers include 24-Wheel Hydraulic Platform Modules and Aspen’s patented Dual Lane Hydraulic Modular Dual Lane Transporters.

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Special Purpose

Aspen’s Special Purpose Trailers are designed for highly specialized payloads and industries:

  • Sliding Tilt Deck Trailers
  • Hydraulic Tail Paving Trailers
  • Rail Trailers
  • Crane Dollies 

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“Before we purchased from Aspen Trailers, we heard how great they are. Now that we own Aspen Trailers, we realize not only are the trailers great but the employees are extremely responsive and easy to work with.”

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