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Our Trailers

Across 6 market segments and 27 product lines, Aspen’s product portfolio ranges from 25 ton tandem trailers to 300 ton multi axle transporters.

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Custom Build

All Aspen trailers are offered with custom options. Some loads are so unique, only a custom built trailer can do the job.

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Why Buy Aspen?

Since 1979, the Aspen name has stood for superior design, quality, and durability. With customers worldwide across heavy haul, construction, logging, oilfield and mining industries, Aspen supplies customers who value innovative, rugged, high-quality trailers with low tare weight and high payload.

What makes us different is our approach to product reliability and longevity. Aspen understands that hauling is more than just a job; it’s a way of life. It’s working in whiteouts with zero visibility, waking up at 3 a.m. to haul within your permitted time, and clocking thousands of miles per month. All the while, continuing to look forward to the next hauling challenge that comes your way.

Aspen thrives on taking on the biggest heavy haul design and manufacturing challenges in North America. Ready to roll where others fear to tread, the Aspen approach is built on a foundation of tenacity, perseverance, and unwavering determination – just like the people who use them.

Choose Aspen – HAUL MORE.


Customer Satisfaction

With a history of designing trailers for custom applications, we pride ourselves on being able to communicate with our customer to understand their specific transportation challenges. The future of Aspen relies on customer satisfaction, so we strive to earn it in everything we do.


Parts, Service & Sales Centers

Aspen has a growing number of company-owned product support centers; the only heavy haul trailer supplier to offer you direct access to after sales support. Our highly trained employees are available to support you and your Aspen trailer with replacement parts, inspection, service and new trailer sales.


“Easy to pull”

It’s one of the things we hear from our customers time after time. Aspen designs its trailers with easy to operate features.


Low Maintenance and Long Life

Customers often pay more for Aspen trailers at resale because of their long life and low maintenance. When you buy an Aspen, you can be assured it will provide more hours of service for your fleet and ultimately HAUL MORE.


Premium Brand Name Components

Our trailers are built with premium brand components. If you need service or parts, rest assured you can find them just about anywhere you are.


Return on Investment (ROI)

ROI is a cornerstone of why you’ll benefit from buying an Aspen. Our trailers are known to attract better resale value in auction sales around North America because the market recognizes our trailers continue to do the job year after year.


Proven Performers

Aspen has been designing and building trailers since 1979. With more than 11,000 custom trailers to our credit, Aspen has the experience and proven ability to ensure your job is done right—the first time.


A Culture of Quality

Quality is paramount in our business. It’s present through every stage, from customer consultation and detailed trailer design to premium brand name material selection and manufacturing. Aspen has some of the best quality assurance processes in the business, all to ensure that your trailer is ready to get to work.


Flex Frame Design

All of Aspen’s trailer frames are designed with flexing in mind. The design allows the frame to flex in all of the right places to compensate for frame deflection without breaking in key areas of the trailer. The flexing is made possible by industry driven, intelligent design and the use of high grade steel (100 ksi – 130 ksi) to ensure many years of low maintenance trailer use.


Experienced Design

All of our products are meticulously designed by Aspen engineers with over 240 years of combined trailer engineering knowledge. Our product line is driven by advanced technologies, strategic vision, and the drive to find solutions to the diverse transportation challenges our customers face.