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Our Trailers

Across 6 market segments and 27 product lines, Aspen’s product portfolio ranges from 25 ton tandem trailers to 300 ton multi axle transporters.

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Custom Build

All Aspen trailers are offered with custom options. Some loads are so unique, only a custom built trailer can do the job.

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Aspen Core Features

  • Experienced Design … All of our products are meticulously designed by Aspen engineers with over 240 years of combined trailer engineering knowledge. Our product line is driven by advanced technologies, strategic vision, and the diverse transportation challenges our customers face
  • “Flex Frame” Design … All of Aspen’s trailer frames are designed with flexing in mind which allows the frame to flex in all of the right places to allow frame deflection without breaking in key areas of the trailer. The flexing is made possible by industry driven, intelligent design and the use of high grade steel (100- 130 KSI) to ensure many years of low maintenance trailer use.
  • A Culture of Quality … Quality is the cornerstone of all we build. It’s present through every phase, from customer consultation and detailed trailer design to premium brand name material selection and manufacturing.
  • Customer Satisfaction … With a history of designing trailers for custom applications, we pride ourselves on being able to communicate with our customer to understand their specific transportation challenges.
  • Low Maintenance and long life … One of the reasons customers pay more for Aspen trailers at resale is the proven long life and low maintenance Aspen trailers. You can be assured that when you buy an Aspen, it will provide more hours of service for your fleet and ultimately Haul More over its lifetime.

Series Features and Benefits

  • Aspen’s range of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) trailers allows you to have the right combination of designed components and low tare weight trailers specific to your hauling challenge. No matter what the equipment configuration or hauling challenge you can be assured that Aspen can design and build the right trailer(s) for your specific needs.
  • Aspen has designed and built hundreds of OEM trailers over its history … ask us about some of the applications we’ve worked in and for some customer testimonials about how Aspen has been able to build to each customers exacting specifications and requirements.
  • Aspen’s OEM trailers are customized to match your exacting mounted equipment requirements with customization of those critical issues that need that personal touch or customization.