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Our Trailers

Across 6 market segments and 27 product lines, Aspen’s product portfolio ranges from 25 ton tandem trailers to 300 ton multi axle transporters.

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Custom Build

All Aspen trailers are offered with custom options. Some loads are so unique, only a custom built trailer can do the job.

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Aspen’s PDX-Series (Petroleum Series) extreme duty trailers are designed for hauling skid mounted loads and construction equipment which primarily serve the Energy (Oilfield) industry and are suitable for both on road and off road applications. Capacity of this trailer is a payload of 60 tons, with axle configurations of 10 and 11 axles (including truck axles). Aspen PDX-Series trailers feature flat decks (no gooseneck) with tail rolls. PDX-Series trailers can be configured with various deck widths and lengths including custom options. The PDX-Series trailers have air-ride 8 wheels across suspensions (Wheelers), with transporter equalization achieved by combinations of jeeps & boosters with common air/regulated air suspensions. Aspen’s PDX-Series of trailers are available in specific regional configurations (mostly Western Canada) to maximize trailer configurations for specific regional regulations.


TARE WEIGHT (LB) 75400 GVW (LB) 244000
TARE WEIGHT (LB) 79800 GVW (LB) 265000

Aspen Core Features

  • Aspen’s PDX-Series was designed from the load down to maximize payload capacity and minimize tare weight. The PDX-Series takes advantage of Aspen’s “flex frame” design which allows the frame to flex in all of the right places to allow frame deflection without breaking in key areas of the trailer.
  • Experienced Design … Aspen’s PDX-Series is meticulously designed by Aspen engineers with over 240 years of combined trailer engineering knowledge. Not only is engineering knowledge important, but the combination of specific trailer industry experience and mechanical engineering knowledge makes our product one of the best trailer brands in the industry.
  • Premium brand name components … if it’s not designed and built by Aspen, we use only premium brand name components in our trailers so that if you need service or parts for those items that wear out, you can find them just about anywhere you are.
  • A Culture of Quality … Quality is the cornerstone of all that Aspen builds. It’s present through every phase of the trailer build, from customer consultation and detailed trailer design to premium brand name material selection and manufacturing.

Series Features and Benefits

  • Aspen’s heavy duty/extreme duty designs have been developed with years of knowledge obtained by building trailers that are used in some of the most challenging operating and environmental conditions in North America. This knowledge makes these trailers suitable for on and off highway use so you don’t have to trans-load onto a heavier trailer or worry about taking the trailer off road into those circumstances that could damage lighter duty trailers.
  • Aspen’s heavy duty/extreme duty suspensions are designed specifically to hold up in off road conditions that would damage “lesser duty” competitive trailers. Using either heavy duty purchased components or Aspen’s in house designed and built suspensions, you can be assured that our trailers and their suspensions will hold up under years of extreme duty use.